Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet Blog Award!

I received this DELICIOUS looking blog award from my best pal Annmaree! Thanks so much ... your awefully sweet yourself! :)

I am to give you 7 random facts about myself and pass it on to other bloggers.

7 Facts:

1. I enjoy going to the dentist for my regular cleaning
2. I am trying to eat healthier (more organic/natural foods)
3. I would love to lose 10 pounds
4. I wish I was more organized
5. I am a HUGE planner .... wish I could be more spontaneous sometimes
6. I tend to procrastinate alot
7. I enjoy making others happy

Now to pass this award onto others! If anyone reading this would like it for their blog please feel free to take it!


Michelle H. said...

Love learning some more about you!!
What a sweet award!!
I need to post mine too maybe on Sunday!
I'm hoping to try to lose 10 lbs soon too!

Anonymous said...

you like the dentist!? girl you be trippin'! LMAO sorry just came into my head... ahem *munches on sugar to make self sweet again*

Thanks doll, great to hear about you and how we're so alike!

Michelle H. said...

Hi, Stacike!! We just arrived this evening at Renselear, IN. Do you know where this is at?
We will be here until Friday morning.
Hope you are doing well!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

yep. you are sweet & irresistible!

yes. allopurinal is one of his gout meds. it's the colchicine which went up in price and i have a call into the V.A. which is where he gets all his meds anyway. great minds...........

hugs :)

Becky B. said...

Congrats on your award - it's always fun to learn new things about you! (You are the ONLY person that I know that even remotely likes EVER going to the dentist - ha! ha!)

I too would like to lose 10 lbs....I need to get back into a routine of walking in the evenings with my's just been so dog-gone hot lately!

Merry said...

Hmmmm Stacie...happy to go to the that can't be normal. lol. We sound very much alike. I think I nodded my head at all of them except the dentist.