Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day

As promised here are some pics of my weekend getaway over Mother's Day weekend with my mom and sister.

This is our cabin at Brown County State Park.

This is one of the overlooks....so pretty!!

We ran into some high water in the area....can you believe it?! On the other side of the main road water was up to almost the top of a telephone poll! There were several roads like this and some people had canoes so they could park at the end of the road and canoe home! I couldn't imagine!

Here we are at one of the local wineries (Oliver Winery)...such a beautiful place! They have flowers, some stone scultures that look like stonehenge (you can see one in the background) and even a picnic area out back! They sell cheese, crackers, sausage, etc. so you could go for a meal or snack! It ended up being graduation weekend also so places were crazy busy so needless to say we did our tasting...bought our wine and booked it out of there for our dinner reservation!

Mom and I loosening up our muscles in the hot jacuzzi...I love those things!!

Our cute matching butterfly socks! Thought it made an interesting picture! :)
Can you guess which feet belong to which person?? LOL!

A wild turkey...this one is a male also called a Tom. It was the best pic I could take as the turkey was starting to run pretty quick!

In front of where we had Mother's Day brunch.

A nest of baby birdies spotted while shopping in town.

The next two pics are crafty goodies I bought on sale during National Scrapbook Day! Underneath the map in the first picture there are two clear packs of Prima paper. If you spend a certain amount you get to pick something out of a box and I got to pick two things. I was NOT walking away from that gorgeous Prima paper....24 double sided sheets FREE!

In town there was a local leather shop where they hand make items and they had these bags of scrap leather for sale so I had to snag the one that had all the pretty colors! Then in one of the baskets there was only one grab bag of hardware so I picked it up too and I couldn't believe some of the pieces! Some are very intricate...hopefully you can click the pic to enlarge and you can see them. Some are just plain but I still think they will come in handy for something crafty!

Well, I better stop there....don't want to bore you too bad with all my pictures! I get a bit carried away at times.
Hope you enjoyed looking at my travels!


A Cool Tasty Tuesday!

While browsing the internet trying to come up with another unique way to use up frozen strawberries leftover from my garden last year I ran across a recipe for frozen strawberry pie. Let me just say it turned out fantastic but you must be patient because after making it you must put it in the freezer to harden. Then before you eat it sit it out 15 minutes to thaw a little. I am not good about letting things sit out before eating because I need instant gratification so we just chiseled away a piece with a fork (you can see the lines in the pic!) LOL!

Click HERE for the recipe from Taste Of Home!