Saturday, January 9, 2010

-3 Windchill .... BRRRRR!!!

So it is down right cold here today. Still snowed yesterday which was another day off from work. This is a picture taken yesterday from the upstairs of my house looking out at the crossroad in town. As you can tell the snowplows have not been down them yet. They did go down them yesterday afternoon which was after this picture...but when we woke up this morning...more snow! Total we only got about 4 inches which really isn't very much...just enough to make it look really pretty! We have been on the roads every day and they really aren't that bad. What is bad is when it starts to melt and then re-freezes to ICE...then we have problems!

Hope you enjoy the winter scenery!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Moved a few items...

Just an FYI that I moved the About Me and Followers List up on the left hand side so it is easier to view/find. Thanks for the idea Courtney!! Didn't realize it was getting lost! :)



For whatever reason blogger keeps flipping my second image...sorry about that!
I bought a cheap grey sweatshirt and found this cute pink iron-on that says PRINCESS...right up my alley! Since it is sooooooooo cold outside I could definately use this to warm me up!

Crafty Calendar - Keeping warm and option of texture. Well this project has both but it is not a card. Hope it is okay anyways!


Wow...nobody wants free stuff???

Well, I guess 2 people atleast want some free stuff!!

All my other followers...where are ya? And to anyone thinking of becoming a follower...I won't bite I promise!!

Here is the link if you want to still have a few days!

Thanks to those of you reading this!


In Style Bag!!

I am trying to win one of the new environmentally friendly tote bags. So here are my answers to the questions you gave me!

1. Carol Duvall Show on HGTV
2. Paris Hilton
3. This question could be taken two different ways so one answer would be anime and retro....the other would be digi and rubber.
5. I think this is a trick question! But I am picking the ones with a boy and girl together in the same image.
Mike and Jessie, Dan and Mandy, Lance and Lisa, Leang and Sei
That would make four different couples stamps!

Whew! Hope I passed the test! LOL!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First snow day of 2010!

Today is the first heavy snow day of 2010! Schools are cancelled so I have the day off! Good because I can curl up with my fireplace....bad because I don't get paid! BUMMER!

I went out to take some pictures this morning....this is just the start of what we are getting today. The top picture is my chocolate lab Willie! Isn't he so cute?
The next two pics are of the woods at my parents house and a cornfield across the road. The last picture is the drive on my way home.

Super pretty out don't ya think? I don't mind the snow too much I just don't like ice!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year 2010 Surprise Candy!

* This candy is now closed!

I was very blessed in 2009. I made some new friends, I have good health, I have acquired lots of new crafty goodies either by purchasing them myself...receiving as gifts or winning on blogland! My hubby and I bought a great piece of land and I have a job that I love tremendously! Many many many more things to mention but I will stop there for now! Lets just say I am grateful for so many wonderful things that have happened to me and I hope that 2010 will be even greater!! :)

Do any of you have New Year Resolutions?? Well I am like most people and tend to break them very quickly...LOL! This year my GOAL (resolution) is to get more organized and stop the piles upon piles of clutter! Easier said than done right?!
I also want to be more giving...not just with money or donations but in all aspects...more gifts just because or maybe do some volunteer work, etc. I always get so much and in 2009 I was pretty good about giving (maybe that is why I got so much...good Karma?) but I want to do MORE! It is tough to find ways to help in such a very small community but I will atleast try. If all else fails I will atleast continue with the small contributions I have been making...every little bit helps right?

Okay, want to know about the candy right??? Let me hear you say YEAH!!!
LOL! Alrighty, I am going to kick off 2010 with a surprise giveaway...see I'm already being more giving! :P What do you have to do you ask?? Easy Peasy...just follow the steps below!

1. You must be a follower but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE only follow if you like my blog and you are going to stick with me!
2. Please post about this on your blog and leave me a comment with the DIRECT LINK to the post. I will be checking!
3. To make this a little amusing for me....hehe...I'm such a stinker! In your comment please list a crafty item you think I got for Christmas!!

All entries must be received by next Monday January 11th at 6:00PM EST. That gives you exactly one week to spread the word and enter! Anyone from anywhere can enter!

If I get atleast 50 followers AND entries I will randomly pick 2 winners!!!

Good luck!

Some winnings...

I won these adorable stamps as blog candy over at Karen's Doodles. These images are so darn cute you really need to check them out! And I also got a super cute piggy book by who you ask??? Karen herself!!! How cool!!! I didn't even know she did books and it is so darling!

This was won through a Cute Daisy May blog hop. Enough goodies for atleast 4 cards...I just love the papers! So pretty!! I also won the grand prize which was 10 sheets of digi images. The best part was I got to choose the sheets I wanted and there are 4 images to a sheet so I got 40 images!! WOW!!! I couldn't of been more excited!!

I played in the Belles N Whistles daily advent giveaway before x-mas and I just so happened to be lucky enough to get picked one day and this was the surprise goody bag sent to me! A Belles N Whistles and Magnolia rubber stamp, some heart gems and prima flowers! Oh my goodness what a wonderful surprise that was to get in the mail!!

Thank you all so very much.... I love everything!!