Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flea Market

I went to an antique flea market in Kentucky a few days ago and here are just a few items I picked up for my craft room.

The glass jar is an old pickle jar that I filled with buttons (my mom bought this for me...thanks mom!) You can see it on my desk in the last post along with the This N That container which is holding just a few pieces of scrap ribbon. That will probably change once the scraps grow!

Here are some GORGEOUS buttons I picked up....don't you just want to stare at them! LOL! The ones on the bottom in the middle are actually made out of leather which I thought was pretty cool!

This is supposed to be a picnic basket I think but I had another idea....

....why not fill it with fun fibers?? Everything just happened to fit perfect so I am one happy camper!!

Hope everyone is having a great day! Be back really soon with something special so keep a look DON'T want to miss it!!!


WOYWW - Transformation!!!

Hello ladies and gentleman....I am back with a completely transformed craft room! That is the reason I have not posted anything that I have made lately because I promised myself I would NOT do anything crafty until my room was organized because it was utter chaos!!! I have been asked by some of you to show what my messy space really looks like as I have been too embarassed to show it...that is until now because I am SUPER PROUD of it!!! :) So brace are the BEFORE pictures!!

I know what your many crafty goodness in bags!! I know I know....SHAME ON ME!! But now.......things sure look different and I am so thrilled!!! I found lots of stuff I didn't even know I had and I was even able to dust and vaccum the entire room! HEHE!

So do you think it is a big improvement?? Now I doubt I will be able to keep it this mess free once I start crafting again but my goal is to NEVER EVER let it get that out of control like the BEFORE pictures!!

Thanks for stopping by! There will be another post shortly on a few things I bought at a flea market so stay tuned!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Question about white ink

Can anyone suggest a really GOOD white ink to use that stands out?? I have two different kinds...Staz-On and Stampabilities and I really don't like either. The white just looks faded instead of bright and crisp and I want something to stand out! Let me know if you also notice this dull look with some whites and if you have found a better solution!
Thanks for any help you can give me!