Monday, June 13, 2011

Stress Reduction Kit!

Anyone ever have a day where you need one of these kits? May I just say dealing with customer service can make me cringe so bad sometimes! Why must people be so incompetent? It should not take 3 phone calls and an e-mail to get results for one missing is not rocket science!! Okay, I feel better now...but my head hurts! LMAO!

Hope someone gets a good chuckle out of this! :P


Mummylade said...

love it!!

Anonymous said...


You tell them hun, was this still Jo-Hams?

Merry said...

Lol .... poor Stacie...I hope it is all fixed now.

Michelle H. said...

Hope things all worked out for you!!

Becky B. said...

I TOTALLY get this!! It's sooooo frustrating when people are just complete dopes! Hang in there!