Friday, December 14, 2012

Checking In

Hey everyone!
Just checking in and saying are you all doing?  I know I promised pictures and I apologize for not having those posted yet (I will soon though)....the weeks are just flying by and I hope you understand I have alot going on right now!  We officially closed on selling our house last week so no more paperwork.....what a relief to also have  less payments to make each month!  I have also been working practically everyday with my regular job and hubby and I are still plugging away daily on building the new house which sadly will be nowhere near finished by moving time but it will be liveable with running water, appliances, toilet, shower...the basics!  LOL!  I have also been trying really hard to get rid of several items either by donation or selling.  I had a big moving sale in October and it was a success but I still needed to get rid of some big items like a HUGE dining room set and a grandfather clock.  I am happy to say I just sold all of that today!  :)

The goal is to move between Christmas and New Year's....wish us luck with the weather!!