Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hey Dude!

First off I want to thank those of you that took time to leave baby shower gift suggestions....I love all of the ideas! I chose to go with the diaper cake! I bought all the items last night and hope I can find time to pull it all together in time! :)

As promised I have a card for you this week.....nothing like waiting til the end of the week right?! I am such a procrastinator! LOL!

Stamp is from InStyle Stamps

I made this card and sent it to this great place called Send A Smile 4 Kids! For more information on donating cards click HERE!

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Send A Smile 4 Kids - Anything Goes (as long as it is for kids)
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Shower Gift Ideas???? Please help!

I have a baby shower to attend next weekend for hubby's cousin. I have no clue what to make for her....she is very creative and artsy so I want to make something special. She also likes vintage. Does anyone have any cute ideas for baby shower gifts? Oh and she does not know the gender of the baby so I can't go all boy or girl for a theme!

I appreciate any ideas you can give me!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Persimmon Drop Cookies!

If anyone has frozen persimmon pulp in their freezer like I do give these cookies a won't be disappointed!!

Click HERE for the recipe!

My version: NO NUTMEG and more cinnamon! As for the raisins or chocolate....of course I did chocolate but I used the white and I think that was a good choice!

IF you don't have persimmon my guess is you could try with pumpkin and it would probably work too...anyone ever tried that as a substitute before?

I'm off to IKEA!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random Pics!

I don't have a card or anything I created for you today but I do have some random pictures to share!


I have been meaning to show this to my blogging pal Annmaree for months because we both love Spongebob! I finally found the picture and thought I would share with everyone! This was a cake my nephew got from his parents on his birthday back in February....he turned 19! HEHE!

My blogging pal Becky talked about these Orange Cream Slushies from Sonic. I don't have one of those near where I live but when mom and I were out driving to get some fresh peaches at an orchard I ran across a Sonic and even though I had just eaten lunch I had to get one of these to see what the big deal was I know! YUM!! :)

Don't ya just love the retro cup?! So cool and shiny!

This is where I had just eaten lunch prior to having my ice cream treat at Sonic! A lighthouse restaurant literally on a boat! I didn't expect too much as the menu was very small and the place was too. How good can the food be on a boat right? Let me tell you this was THE BEST reuben I had ever had!!!! I am very picky on my meat and the corned beef was heavenly!! :)

Wanted to show off the lanterns we just put up next to our garage door...I HEART them soooooooooo much!!!

Here is a close-up! Pretty snazzy huh? They were on clearance being discontinued at the store and they only had two about lucky!!

Pretty sure this should go in the Guiness Book of World Records....luckily I took a snapshot before shoving it down my throat! LOL! Is this not the biggest blackberry ever?!

Also growing some huge melons this year! LMAO! I'm sure some of you will get a good chuckle out of that! :P Anyways, at the family reunion last weekend one of hubby's uncles told me an easy way to figure out if cantaloupe were ripe and since then I have successfully picked three of them! Before I would either pick too green or over-ripe and rotten so I am very happy to know how to pick these now! I go by color and smell....I can't seem to master the knocking method that some people do!

Doesn't that look delicious...especially on a hot summer day?!

Still with me? Great! Only one picture left!

A few weeks ago I went to a WOW (Women of the Woods) program. It is at a local fish and game do not have to be a member and it is completely FREE! I went to the first one they had two years ago and loved it so much I decided to go back! The purpose of this is to teach women stuff like gun safety and how to shoot, fishing, canning and preserving, tree identification, outdoor cooking, etc. They also provide breakfast and booklets and brochures....AND give away door prizes! Many other facilities have something like this but charge 50 to over a hundred dollars! So I feel lucky to have found this one for free and all the instructors are so helpful and patient! Anyways, this year I won a brand new pink fishing pole! SO EXCITING as I LOVE to go fishing!! I usually catch bluegill but the other night I went with hubby and my dad and I caught my first bass! WOOT WOOT! It was too little so I had to throw it back. It has to be 14 inches or more to keep but mine was only around 10 inches...even though it wasn't big enough to keep I was still happy to have caught one! :) Next time I'm going for the monster! :P

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed my random pictures and I will be back next week with some craftiness!