Sunday, January 31, 2010

RAK from Merry!

I received this lovely package of goodies from my sweet friend can check out her blog and all her wonderful creations here. She has sent some pretty papers with shimmer and sparkle (my fav!), an assortment of stamped images that I'm sure she knows I will just LOVE to color up, some pretty stickers that I always comment about how much I like them on her blog (I can't seem to find these where I live), inchies and card holder (close-ups below) and this neat book about a breed of dog native to Australia called the Smoko or blue heeler! I just love it all!! :)

This is a close up of the stunning card she made with a matching card holder!! It is just gorgeous! It is displayed in my living room for all to see! The picture really doesn't do it justice...I mean the flower is just stunning! :)

And this is a close up of the inchies that Merry and her daughter made. Look at all the detail! Truly remarkable how they created such beautiful work with such small pieces! Make sure to thank your daughter for me! :)

Merry was my first follower (after my hubby) and she was such an amazing help to me learning the blogging stuff. She offers wonderful inspiration and kind support! Truly a good friend....thank you Merry!!!!



mom said...

How lucky are you to get nice things.I really like the card it was so sweet of her to send it. The flower is very pretty.

Dawn said...

What a lucky girl you are, you have met a real jewel for sure. Enjoy your new goodies and let us know what you make.

Anonymous said...

Aw thats awesome, way to go. yes Merry is a delight to have as a bloggie buddie!

Merry said...

So glad that you are enjoy the crafty items Stacie. Funny seeing my stuff on a blog on the other side of the world. Have fun with everything!