Saturday, January 16, 2010

No card just some food!

Once again I am sharing some food I decided to cook up recently. I know if my hubby or parents are reading this they can confirm I am a FOOD ADDICT!! LOL! I LOVE crafting but what I LOVE even more is FOOD!! YUM!!! So please bare with me while I use this same blog to post all kinds of stuff...I just simply do not want to create another blog..and for all I know some of you might be food addicts just like me!! :)

Here we have what I call a Whopper Pie! I bought my DH a HUGE box of Whoppers for x-mas and this recipe was on the box...I don't care for these but he said the pie was delish! Simple to make also...just a graham cracker crust filled with Cool Whip, ice cream and crushed Whoppers!

I saw a Vanilla Slice on my friend Annmaree's blog and it reminded me of these Strawberry Napoleon's I make. Puff pastry filled with vanilla pudding and whipped cream. Then you can add fruit, sauces, whatever! As you can see I doctor mine up pretty heavily! ....oh and I want to give a shout out about Annmaree...she has done some AWESOME cards lately so you might want to pop on over and check them out! You go girl!! :)

These are the most heavenly brownies I have ever tasted! Caramel Black Walnut Brownies....not from a box but from scratch!! YUM YUM YUM!!! Big hit at a football party the other day! :)

And last but definately not least is this Broccoli Cheese soup...this recipe is found here on my friend Dottie's recipe blog. Some neat recipes if you like to cook. Hubby and I agreed it is some of the best Broccoli Cheese soup we have ever tasted!! Thanks Dottie!!! Oh..I should note a change I made was ommitting nutmeg...a spice I do NOT like!!! Then I just added some fresh ground pepper.

I also see I have a few new followers! A big thank you and I hope you continue to follow even after my food ramblings...LOL! Thanks to all of you that take the time to leave me comments...I do appreciate the love! Always puts a BIG SMILE on my face! :)



Anonymous said...

AW THANKS Sweetie!!

What are Whoppers? here they are a burger lol...

OH my goodness those brownies look to die for... or die from? LOL!!

Dottie said...

Hi Stacie : Just stopped in to see what you have posted new, well I have to say Thank you so much for the nice words I am so happy you enjoyed the soup I also do not always use the nutmeg but My family likes it so there ya go. The fried rice with Chicken and Chicken tempora is so easy and quick if you like fried rice and shicken give it a try . have a great weekend
~ God Bless ~
<3 <3 <3

Merry said...

I love seeing all the food you cook Stacie...especially at this time of day (arvo) and I have a full tummy. :-) Those brownies sure do look yummy. Now I just have to ask what is a Whopper? I assume a chocolate bar and not the Whopper from Hungry Jacks

Dottie said...

Hi Stacie:
Thanks for the lovely comments about my blog. I have been stopping by more and more I like how you have your Blog mixed good Idea a lot less work too.I will be back soon
~ God Bless ~
Hugs :o)