Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thank You! (Long post about our trip)

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Hubby and I are back from Kentucky and we had a splendid time! We went to a chocolate factory where we watched them make different candies like chocolate covered bourbon cherries (and we got lots of free samples)....YUM! Also bought some himalayan sea salt chips covered in chocolate....sweet and salty (a deadly combo)! HEHE! Then we went to a brewery....I gotta say I am not a beer drinker at all nor do I care for bourbon BUT Kentucky has this bourbon ale that is FANTASTIC!! We had 3 free BIG samples at the end of the tour and she gave me an extra for my birthday! Needless to say we walked outta there with a couple of growlers to go! I went to get a one hour professional massage and also got a free hand paraffin dip for my special day! The perks of having a birthday right?! Then we went to this amazing restaurant where I stuffed myself silly and then was offered a FREE dessert....who can turn down dessert? So I got this HUGE chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and caramel sauce! I'm pretty sure I gained 10 pounds in just a few short days! LOL! The next day we went to pick up a bourbon barrel for our new house....we are converting it into a bathroom vanity and it smells soooooooooooo good! Hubby thinks he will have me drinking bourbon soon since now I like it in beer, chocolate and I really like the smell but I am not crazy about the burn so I think I will stick to the wussy side of bourbon! Went to a winery but there was nothing too grand so we didn't buy anything. Plus all the wines seemed to be more expensive than what we are used to getting AND you gotta pay for samples which we usually don't do where I'm from either! Went to a distillery .... gosh I'm starting to sound like a lush aren't I?? I really don't drink that much...just felt like touring some different places! Anyways, the distillery grounds were gorgeous and the process of making bourbon is very unique! They gave us free labels....and of course at the end we got 3 free samples to drink AND bourbon chocolate! I can't believe how generous everyone was giving away free samples at all these places! I took some sips but gave the rest to hubby....that stuff is just too strong for me! On our way home we stopped at Bardstown where we ate at this cool tavern that was built in the late 1700's! See our trip wasn't all about booze....we actually got a taste of history! :) On our way out of town we passed this antique store....I had wanted to stop at one the entire trip but hadn't been able to so we turned around and all I had was 15 minutes before they closed. Well, as soon as I walked in there was this wonderful thing I HAD to buy.....stay tuned and I will be posting a picture soon! Any guesses on what I bought? I'll give you a is food related!


cgl1539 said...

You sound like you had a fabulous time! I so want to try those chocolate covered chips lol. I cannot wait to see that vanity barrel, that sounds so cool. Food related item from antique store, hmmm, a cupboard?

Michelle H. said...

Your trip sounds so fun!!
Glad you both had a great time and you enjoyed the spa!!
How cool to use the barrel as you vanity love that idea!!
Did you buy an antique mixer?!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Annmaree (Emu) said...

sounds awesome, going to have to email you about all this heeehee!

Cor* said...

a cheese grater. You bought a cheese grater! LOL Sounds like you had a druken, belly filled good time! LOL Glad to hear you got spoilt!

THERESA said...

Sounds like you had a total blast, lol, glad you enjoyed, welcome back...........:))
lotsa luv

Merry said...

Sounds like a fantastic time much taste testing lucky you. That dessert sounded so yummy. Hmmmm....maybe a you bought a nice basket to hold fruit.

Michelle H. said...

Hope you having a wonderful weekend!
I meant to post about your blog anniversary and I forgot so will do it for monday post.
Sorry about that!!

Curt in Carmel said...

Boy, going through all I did with Jay, I certainly missed out on a lot, including your birthday! I'm so sorry I missed wishing you a happy one. It sounds like you did have a happy one and for that I'm happy. I had to laugh when you said "See our trip wasn't all about booze", but you did eat at a "tavern". LOL Made me laugh. Glad you had fun and it sounded like a blast. So sorry I missed your birthday. Best, Curt