Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday.......plus guessing game!!

That is right...today is Fat Tuesday or as some people call it Shrove's Day! A good excuse to pig out in fat/carb heaven! LOL! Got home and immediately ate two HUGE breadsticks and a big hunk of cheese....followed by what you are about to see! I was going to do some traditional pancakes but thought I would change it up and do a more French style and make crepes! I have made these before but only with plain white flour...this time I tried a healthier whole wheat version. Kind of funny trying to squeeze in a bit of nutrition on a day called Fat Tuesday! LOL! For some reason these were much harder to flip (maybe because of the consistency of the whole wheat and it could be because I was impatient?!) so after throwing away several I picked the best two and I gotta say they tasted better than expected!!!!

Click HERE for the basic batter recipe.
*I did add a tiny bit of sugar and vanilla for the dessert crepe*

This one is filled with some basics....shredded cheese and chopped up ham

A close-up to show you the crepe folded and topped with green onion

This one is filled with peanut butter, hickory nuts, banana and chocolate sauce!

As if this wasn't bad enough I topped my meal off with this wonderful cake!!

*What is cake without ice cream right?*

I'm feeling pretty good after indulging so I think I will do a little giveaway! Nothing big just a little something for those of you that read my blog! :)
All you gotta do is guess what type of cake is in the picture above! It looks like a plain yellow cake but don't let that fool you...there is another main ingredient which gives it the delicious flavor! Only one person knows and she better keep her trap shut! LOL! :P
I will pick a winner and share the recipe next Tuesday!

Good Luck!
P.S. Gonna see what else I can scrounge up in the kitchen! Life is too short not to enjoy the things you love and I LOVE food! :)


Anonymous said...

lol, is it cheating cos I know? lol...

But this all looks awesome, the crepes are fantastic, not sure about banana and peanut butter, but I would have to try the combo to see! ;-)


Myrna said...

I am not sure what it is but it sure looks good. Almost like a rum cake.

sucor said...

Mmmm, the crepes look so yummy! I think the type of cake is Lemon.

Merry said...

Oh this is the yummiest post ever. Here I was admiring the savoury pancake and then I scroll a little and there is a dessert pancake. Mmmmmmm. The cake looks so yummy. too.

Michelle H. said...

Wow!! All that food looks really good and its making me hungry!!
Those crepes sound fun I will have to try them one day!!
I'm thinking you added some lemon, pineapple or pudding to the cake?
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

KC said...

everything looks so good..my mouth is watering! I'm so hungry right now!!! the cake looks kinda orange (maybe its the light) but I'm going to guess orange zest???

Becky B. said...

Yummmm! These all look just delish! Hmmmmm - secret ingredient?? Maybe lemon-lime soda?

cgl1539 said...

banana cake I think the crepes look wonderful I adore especially the peanut butter and banana, one of my favorite combinations.

Dora said...

O wow those are some yummy goodies, my mouth is watering too.... it's lent Wednesday here aarrrghh not supposed to eat sweets, meat etc etc I'm so curious (ha ha of course me would )about the ingredients of the cake.. could it be carrot cake?

Payne Holler Cards said...

i am thinking it looks like a cake you gave us a recipe for...a RUM cake!! and it was delicious (-:
now need to go make one LOL

Rosalee said...

That all looks so good Stacie, Its making me so hungry. I'm thinking either Banana or Butter Pecan.
Hugs, Rosalee

Michelle H. said...

Thanks for you kind words on my blog!!
I really need to try these crepes they really do look so good!!
Hope your having a great day!!