Thursday, February 10, 2011

Senior Pic Scrap Page

My house has crappy lighting so please excuse the poor quality of my scrap page photos...not having a light box to fit these really drives me nuts!!

** You can't see them very good but in the upper corners of the pic on the right I used my tiny attacher to staple it for a little added texture and interest **

Tried to show a close up of the crackled effect on the chipboard frame and also the word "Senior" in silver. Once again....very POOR lighting!

You can try and click on the pics to enlarge them and hopefully you can see a bit more detail!


Anonymous said...

Looks great!

its funny when I heard the word senior I was thinking like old people - senior citizens LMAO!

AHEM... great page, love the 2010 paper!

Michelle H. said...

Very beautiful LO!!
Love the crackling on the title chipboard piece!!
Did you say you are creating an album for him?
Hope you have a fabulous Friday!!
Thanks for your sweet words!!