Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fixed Ornament

Keep forgetting to show this ornament I fixed. During Christmas at my MIL's one of my nephews (only 2) grabbed one of the glass bulbs and it busted to pieces. Luckily he didn't get cut! The ornament was from 1975 and it was the first of my MIL's collection which she started when she got married. I knew she was heartbroken but didn't want to make anyone feel bad so I took it home thinking I could try and fix it. Thank goodness it had the plastic wrap type image instead of the image actually painted on the glass! I spliced the plastic and then the next trick was finding a new glass ball the exact same size. Easier said than done (although after completing this project I found them at Hobby Lobby...go figure)!! So I thought this was a good opportunity to try something unique and I punched holes in the plastic with my cropadile and then weaved this lacy style ribbon through those holes while the glass ball was in the middle so I could tie it part is I didn't even have to glue anything! :) She was very thankful I was able to save her ornament and loved the new design!

*Sorry for the black box reflection you see in the glass is from the opening of the light box!*


Annmaree (Emu) said...

This is awesome!!!!!!

way to go, your too smart to think of this!!!

Becky B. said...

You are so clever!! I love how you turned the wrap from the broken ornament into a "corset-style" embellishment for the new ornament! I'm sure that you are now your MIL's hero!! :)

Merry said...

Brilliant Stacie....what a terrific idea with the ribbon. I would have probably put it in the bin.. sadly. Lucky you were there.