Thursday, January 7, 2010

First snow day of 2010!

Today is the first heavy snow day of 2010! Schools are cancelled so I have the day off! Good because I can curl up with my fireplace....bad because I don't get paid! BUMMER!

I went out to take some pictures this morning....this is just the start of what we are getting today. The top picture is my chocolate lab Willie! Isn't he so cute?
The next two pics are of the woods at my parents house and a cornfield across the road. The last picture is the drive on my way home.

Super pretty out don't ya think? I don't mind the snow too much I just don't like ice!


Jodi said...

Your pics of the snow are gorgeous! But I think your doggie is adorable! =)
Jodi =)

Merry said...

What wonderful photos and Willie is beautiful. Our dog would not survive in that snow. I have just taken him for a walk and he insists on walking on the road so his feet won't get wet. :-)

Anonymous said...

OH WOW, Thanks Stacie!!! These are Super. It all looks so magical, I wanna visit!

Your Lab is gorgeous!

mom said...

The pics are cool. And my granddog is very much missed. Give him a hug.