Friday, December 31, 2010


Wanted to share pictures of the Christmas presents I received from family and friends.

This is from Stef (Glitterbabe)
* Such fun bits and bobs! THANK YOU for thinking of me! *

Cards from some blogging buddies!
* Thank you Dawn, Karen, Merry and Curt!!! You are all so sweet! *

This is from my hubbies grandma...we weren't supposed to get gifts for each other this year but she surprised us and had this over at my in-laws house! I have been wanting one since last Christmas and I have already used it and love it!!

This was my Chinese Christmas gift I took to my hubbies side of the family. Two years ago we decided to stop drawing names and do this instead. The first year I think it was a little mixed up because most of us really didn't know what kind of stuff to buy so this year I had a great idea! I found this funny saying online and stuffed money inside the cardboard of a TP roll and wrapped it up! Needless to say everyone wanted that gift and I was lucky enough to end up with my money back! :) Always take a gift that you want back! LOL!

This is from my DH! I have wanted to try making my own pasta for some time....not sure how well it will work but I hope it is something we can do regularly! If you have any pasta making tips please let me know!! :) The best thing about this is that he even said he would make it with me so that is a bonus to spend some quality time with the man I love doing exactly what I!! And yes, those are choccies that you see! I have had the Belgium shells before but not the others....can't wait to give them a try!

This is from my MIL and FIL. I also got two gift cards which I didn't take a picture of but the best part of all was the lotto tickets!! The first one I scratched off I won 100 dollars!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Some mega fun crafting goodies from my mom, dad, sister, brother in law and nephew! Just look at all that goodness!! Excited to try my new Martha Punches that punch all over the page and I got some cool ones that have stamps included!! Oh and in case you have never tried the TH scissors...THEY ROCK!! I have been using them like mad for two days and they just cut like buttah through EZ Mount and rubber!!

This is from my bestest pal Annmaree over at Emu Creations!
I love it all ... even the gag gifts! LOL!

....and she even sent some hard candy made right in her hometown! Very far my fav is the mixed fruit and orange! YUM!




Anonymous said...

LOVE the toilet roll idea! How Funny!!!

Perfect gift from dear Hubby, can't wait to hear about how the pasta goes!

AND WOW, Love all those craft goodies, and stamps... next to the awesome K am company stuff is that bottom left stamp one a wombat!?!

YAY, Glad you loved your stuff, ENJOY! YOU SO DESERVE IT *HUGS*

Becky B. said...

WOW! What a haul!! You got some really great stuff...curious to know how the pasta machine works...I've never tried that but have always wondered about it...