Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Question about corner rounders

I am going to my local scrapbook store tomorrow and was wondering what type of corner rounder is best?? One of the little cheapies or something better like the corner chomper?? Or if you have other tips without using one of these that would be even better!!



Lorraine said...

hi i just have Hobbycrafts own branded one and it really is better than i thought perfect results everytime but i don't know about the corner chomper i think if you want to punch thicker materials this one would be better xx

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt mind hearing about those too!

Dawn said...

I use the little Hobby Lobby cheepy for paper and card stock etc...but I do have the bind it all hand held chomper for when I do chipboard or thicker things. I tend to be hard on others, like the SU didn't last long with me for some reason. My cheepy one has been with me for 2 years now.
Hope that helps

Ruthie said...

I just have a cheapy one - well, it was in the sale at Hobbycrafts. Its been great so far - but then I dont do chipboard etc.