Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Fun! (Photo Heavy Post!)

Thought I would share with you my birthday weekend fun! It all started Saturday after hubby got home playing golf we took off to Michaels where I found some great bargains!!

Then for dinner we went to the Melting Pot...I love this place but you eat so much that you feel miserable afterwards! LOL! I still can't resist because it tastes soooooo good! Also got to use a coupon for a free chocolate fondue for my birthday....I love freebies!
For those of you that don't know what the Melting Pot is click HERE to check it out.

Then Sunday we went to spend the day at Newport on the Levee in Kentucky. HERE is a link. First we went to try some Dewey's Pizza and it was pretty tasty! I liked how you could do a half/half pizza without any troubles. I always like to customize my food so I got the Billy Goat with bacon and hubby got the Dr. Dre special! Some seriously funny names for a pizza! Then they gave me a free glass for my birthday....bonus!

After that we went to Claire's...haven't been there forever and even though I think they cater mainly to the younger generation I did happen to find a few things I liked so hubby got them for me.

Next it was off to Barnes and Noble for a LONG look at papercrafting magazines....my first time looking at these and I must say the choices were overwhelming! Only bought one because they are expensive!! Anywhere between 6-18 dollars EACH! I did jot down the ones I like so maybe I will get a subscription later for much cheaper.

Newport also has one of my FAV ice cream places...Cold Stone Creamery!! YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Lo and behold I had a free ice cream coupon for my b-day to use there also! YAY! So we sat on the bench while eating our ice cream and watched this guy make balloon figures for some kids and listened to a band playing in the background.

(Barnes and Noble is on the left and Cold Stone Creamery is on the right in this photo...AMC is where we went for our movie later on in the day)

Next we went on a walk across the bridge to the Cincinnati, Ohio side and on our way back decided we wanted to see a movie.

So we went to see "Salt" and it was a really good movie...I highly recommend it!! After that we went to Gameworks and played some Skee-Ball and one video game where you ride around in this hummer going really fast on a racing course and the machine you sit in moves too so needless to say we were both a little car sick. LMAO! Yep, definately old school games for us from now on!

Finally we tapped off our night at the Hoffbrauhaus...a German brewery/eatery! DELISH!! My ancestors were German so no wonder I love this food so much...unfortunately it is not "health" food so moderation is required! So as you can tell I had a royal blast and I have my sweet hubby to thank for making it happen!



Merry said...

Wow what a post and what a birthday. Great birthday. I am so totally starving now....it's lunch time and we are waiting for our lunch to cook. Thanks for sharing Stacie.

Anonymous said...

OMG What a blast!!!!!!!

I'm SO glad you got rightfully spoilt by dear hubby, what a sweetie!

Now where to ebgin, AWESOME K and Company goodies (love their stuff!)

(The pizza wasn't actually billy goat was it? LOL)

That jewellery is gorgeous, exactly what I would have chosen! I actually have items similar!

and yes scrap and card mags are very expensive!

I totally want to see Salt!

and OH MYYYY Totally awesome food, and HUGE BREWSKIES!!!!

You look so happy and awesome, Wanna see these scrapped hehee, enjoy!!!!

shari said...

Wow, It sounds like a great birthday to me! Happy Birthday. Shari (cricutrookie)

Cor* said...

The infamous Stacie....who haunts my dreams!! lol. JOKING ! Sounds like you had a great birthday full of fun, especially the bargains at Micheals. That is always the best!!! Great pics & I like the Cheers at the end with your pic!

Michelle said...

Stacie, looks like you ha a fabulous birthday!
Love all the picturs and your gifts!
How fun!!
If you cna't make all the blog hop leave a comment on my blog I will be giving a RAK away just for leaving a comment!!

Regina said...

Happy belated birthday! In your photos I see that you had a fantastic day!

greetings Regina

Lilacanglia said...

Wow Stacie,
So glad to see you enjoyed your birthday,
some lovely places as well,
Angie x

Karen McAlpine said...

Happy birthday Stacie. Sounds like a great day and what a haul from Michaels!!

Annette Bowes said...

WOW you certainly had a FANTASTIC birthday, making me hungry looking at all those yummy pics of food lol! Lovely to see some of the places you visited, wonderful post. Take CareX:)

Becky B. said...

WOW, Stacie! Looks like you had a SUPER FUN birthday weekend!! Thanks for sharing the great photos with us!!