Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great minds think alike!

Okay so I was checking out Tim Holtz's blog here and he is previewing some new stickers (add to wishlist...check!) and what do I see??? THESE bottlecaps!!!

So do they look familiar??? If not....let me refresh your memory!

This is the picture frame I made for my mom's birthday!
How cool is that? Maybe I'm more creative than I thought if I'm on the same wavelength as Tim Holtz?! Like I said great minds think alike!! LOL!

Thanks for popping by and enjoy the rest of your day! Hope to be back next week with something crafty to share. I have been busy cleaning up my craft room a was OUT OF CONTROL!!!



Anonymous said...

LOL, Your ahead of your time chicken!!! whoot whoot!

Love it :-D

Barbra Joan said...

Hi Craft Princess, just had to check out your blog after you came to mine. I love, love , it.. I will be back this afternoon, to read every word.

Michelle said...

Stacie, WTG!! Thats so cool!!
Thanks for sharing some peeks of Tim Holtz new itmes!!
He the Man!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Courtney Baker said...

Very cool. I loved that frame!

Becky B. said...

HA! HA! That's awesome! You're a trendsetter!!

2 Worlds said...

REceived your tag from Stephanie's tag swap thanks for doing a great tag

Anonymous said...

Love the frame, it's really great! I got some bottle caps but still need to find time to make something with it.
Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my blog!
Hugs xx

Halle said...

Love the frame! I'm totally going to make one of these!!!