Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Embossing Bag Review!

Hey everyone! Wanted to share with you a review on my embossing bag compared with the Embossing Buddy from Stampin' Up! I don't own the one from Stampin' Up so I asked my blogging friend Dawn if I sent her one of my bags if she would test it out for me in exchange for honest feedback. I like to make sure my product is just as good as others on the market or in some cases even better!! :) You won't get any nasty grainy powder from my bag and the ingredients are ALL NATURAL!! So if your pet or kid happens to get into it no worries! You will understand this once you read her review!! I think Dawn did a wonderful job comparing both the products and if your interested in purchasing please e-mail me (my contact info is in my profile)! My bags sell for 3 dollars each plus shipping which is a bargain compared to Stampin' Up because they charge between 6-7 dollars per bag!!

Click HERE to read Dawn's review!



Dawn said...

I am so excited for you. You have a great product and will gladly answer any questions if someone WANTS my opinion.
Your such a sweetie, and Pippie says thank you for giving her a safe product...I forgot to add Pippie was watching this whole process and she didn't sneeze once! (she was on the side with your embossing buddy) Actually you might see a small spot where her paw is showing in the picture. LOL

Merry said...

Great review Stacie. I hope you do wonderful well with these little bags. :-)

Becky B. said...

Hi, Stacie! I received my embossing bags yesterday and they are GREAT! Hope you do well with selling them! Thanks and have a wonderful day!