Thursday, June 17, 2010

Small Disaster....

So yesterday I mentioned that the night before we had a small disaster. Here are the pictures of the aftermath! I have not heard if it is officially classified as an F1 tornado or not but I do know the winds were atleast 100 mph!!! And we were out driving and got home just SECONDS before it hit....lets just say I was NOT a happy camper with my husband that night!! Thank goodness nobody was hurt and the damage to houses/vehicles around town was could of been alot worse. We were lucky at our house and only had trees down but no other damage. After talking with virtually everyone outside yesterday it seems that the storm hit full force mainly in our itty bitty town of MAYBE 250 people. Again we are lucky houses weren't demolished and people weren't thrown out of buildings, etc. I have never been in a storm like this before and I sure thank God for keeping me safe! Always count your blessings because you never know when something will happen!

This is what we saw while driving you can see the clouds are starting to come to a point and there was rotation.

This is the alley next to our house.

This is in our yard. The next few tree pics are various places around town.

This is our neighbors brand new got smoked by a huge tree. There SUV also had a big wooden crate smash into it and busted out a window and dented the side of the vehicle. I just think about how this could of been us....our properties join back to we were REALLY REALLY CLOSE! Our other neighbor had a fence to blow down, had a HUGE metal dog pen blow away AND his brand new chimney came off the house! Once again...we are so super lucky!!

I thought this tree was the most can see where it split right in the middle and it looks like it twisted to the right.



Olga said...

Oh My Stars! And nobody to yell tmiber. Yall were so so lucky!!!

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness I am soooo glad everyone is okay!!! Those are some wild pictures..and your neighbors toy..ugh my husband would have been devastated...Things you can replace though and I just glad to hear you and your family are okay.

Dawn said...

Oh that had to be so scary? Are you in tornado ally? I know we are in the Midwest...every time I hear there is a chance I seek shelter because I know how much damage can happen quickly.
So glad you are all safe

Annmaree said...

HOLY COW thats scary, so weird to see big strong trees just shredded like that!!!

Glad your safe, and didnt have too much damage

Stephanie said...

whoa! Stacie.. goodness sakes! happy you and yours are safe! God bless!
with a grin,

Curt in Carmel said...

OMGosh Stacie!!! What a horrible storm! The storms we have been having are just vicious and they have been coming one right after the other. I'm thankful that you and your family were not hurt and your property only had tree damage. As you said, it could have been so much worse! 7 days after we moved in to this house we live in now (built brand new) we had a storm come through with straight line winds and it blew in a window in our den and shards of glass stuck in the wall from the wind force! I know how scary storms can be! That was 10 years ago, and I still get nervous when a storm is approaching. Glad you are safe! Best, Curt

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Dottie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Oh My goodness Stacey, I am so Happy no one got hurt! and that your home was & Is safe. We have not had any type of big storm in our part of Fl in 19 yrs thank GOD I know it is very frighting. the one that was in our area all those yrs ago took out a whole neighborhood of homes missed our area and went about 4 miles away. it was very bad. things like that you never know about until it is on top of you. Stay safe keep your eyes on the sky.
God Bless.