Saturday, June 19, 2010

Domino Art Tutorial

Hey everyone!! I want to thank Gwen really quick for asking me to Guest Design for A Crafty Little Place...I am so honored! And this is my first tutorial (other than just showing you how to put stamps in a binder...I don't think that really counts). So I would LOVE any feedback!! When Gwen first asked me to do a tutorial on anything I wanted I first thought of a flower or something that had to do with ribbon. But then I thought everyone does tutorials on that stuff and well I just had to be a little different so today I am going to show you how to make some Domino Art!!! Sounds fun right? Okay, lets get started!!

First you will need the items you see in this picture.
1. Dominos (I use double six size...found them cheap at the dollar store!)
2. Non-Stick Craft Mat
3. Alcohol Inks and a mixative
4. Copics
5. Staz-On Ink
6. Stamp
7. Alcohol Blending Tool with felt
8. Sealant like ModPodge (optional)

After you have the above assembled you take your chosen alcohol colors. I used sunshine yellow and the copper mixative. You can use as many colors as you want! You will need to make sure you shake your mixative up really well first and just put a few small drops on the felt and then put your alcohol colors on your felt. I started circling the blending tool on my non-stick mat and then twisted and blotted the blending tool on my domino. I found that you need to work pretty quick because it dried fast!

Here is a close-up after the first step...make sure you also do the sides of your domino! At this point if you wanted to lighten or have the colors blend together more you could use an alcohol blending solution.

Next you want to ink up your chosen stamp with Staz-On. I picked a filmstrip stamp that fit can also just use a portion of a bigger stamp. Totally up to you! For this I stamp backwards meaning I don't press the stamp on the domino but instead I push the domino onto my inked up stamp. I find that it keeps the stamp from sliding on the slick surface of the domino.

Now this is the part where you can color! You can use Copics or watercolor markers and you can also use versamark with some chalk. But for me I LOVE my Copics I got from Claudia so I use those whenever I can!! :) I chose the colors B29, R59 and YG67 (These colors match my kitchen!). I thought about drawing some flowers in the filmstrip part or even putting in a small picture but I really wanted the copper to stand out so I lightly colored in a few squares on the side of the filmstrip just to add a touch of color but not overpower it.

Next you can choose to seal your domino. Different coloring mediums work differently with sealants so you need to be careful. With alcohol inks and Copics using ModPodge is your best bet so things don't smear/bleed. You can use matte or glossy depends on the effect you want.

Voila! Here is your finished piece of art!! I have seen some people attach a pendant bail for a necklace but I am going to put a piece of magnet on mine for the fridge.

It might sound like alot of instructions but really this is sooooo super easy!! And the possibilites are unlimited on what you can create! You can even use acrylic paints, crackle effects, glitter, etc.!! Just experiment and above all HAVE FUN!!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would appreciate any feedback!


- - Sheryl - - said...

loved your tutorial. Always wanted to play around with dominoes, I'll have to check the dollar store.

Olga said...

Fantastic tutorial! I have never done these or seen them done, seems so easy now. TFS!

Anonymous said...

OH WOW this is very nifty, way to go!!!

Cara said...

Hey, Stacie great tutorial! I'll have to try that! Thanks for being ACLP's guest designer :o)

Claudia @ Die Cuts R Us said...

Hi Stacie! Thank you so much for being a guest designer this week. Your tutorial is amazing. I actually have one of those boxes of dominos... never been opened! This will make for a fun summer project with my 13 year old!


Merry said...

Great tutorial Stacie....wonderful pictures to help along the way.