Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Down Under! (Picture Heavy Post!)

**OOPS, edited to say the zoo was in Ohio...I did not go to Australia although I plan to someday! This was just the Aussie area in the zoo :) Sorry for the confusion!

I have been meaning to post some more vacation pictures for over a week now so I figured I better just sit down and pick some out (there will be more than one post with animal pics). My pal Annmaree shouted out she would like to see animal pics that I took at the zoo so these are the ones that were in the Australia area! All my Aussie pals have to tell me if you have seen any of these animals in the wild! :)

I don't know how accurate this sign is but I do know I have seen a few of those words in some e-mails from my Aussie pals!!

Wish I could go out in public with a wild hairdo like this and look pretty!

I must be part koala because I found out they sleep ALOT and I sure do cherish my sleep!!

I'm sure I would give the same look if someone was disturbing my nap!

This is what I call a BIG FRENCH KISS!! Oh LA LA...must be love! Now get a room! LMAO!!

That is all for now. Hope you all enjoyed these pictures and have a great rest of the day/night!


Dawn said...

Wow those are some pretty incredible pictures.
I have never seen any of those up

Annmaree said...

OH PRETTY, Thanks for posting Stacie, love em!

I have seen the Koalas and the Lorikeets in the wild, not the other two crazy looking birds lol!
(and what no Emu?s lmao)

Koalas sure do sleep a lot, its all aromatherapy with the eucalyptus!

Have a great One!

Olga said...

AWESOME pictures!! Can you image walking out for your morning coffee and seeing these gorgeous birds flying around.............Beautiful! Loved the wild hairdo too!!!

Curt in Carmel said...

How exciting to have gone to Australia! Your pictures are GORGEOUS! What beautiful shots! My fave is the first bird picture and those parrots are gorgeous! I'm so glad you shared! You're a Ripper! LOL Best, Curt

Ginny said...

at our house we are lucky enough to see a LOT of wildlife - kangaroos, emus, wallabies, wombats, parrots, galahs, cockatoos and even the occasion koalas where we live but my kids we lucky to see one when we visited my that sign..