Saturday, January 23, 2010

Face reveal....warning it is scary!! LOL!

I figured it was about time I show you all what I look like....scary huh? LOL! I entered a photo contest at our local hospital last year and I had two photographs that won and are now being displayed permanently at that location...I was tickled pink that not one but two of my pieces of art were chosen! This is me next to one of them when I finally got to see it mounted, framed and hung up. Super exciting times for me :) Anyways, this is also what I like to do in my spare time and now you know what I look like!



Anonymous said...

Stacie you're exactly as I imagined!!! I didn't know you were an expect photographer! Way to go, that beach pic is gorgeous. I'll get you into scrapbooking yet lol.

Merry said...

So great to see you Stacie......amazing what you imagine....I had you with darker and straight hair. I can totally see why your photos were selected. The one above is just stunning.

Heather said...

You are beautiful!!! I LOVE your photograph too. Breathtaking!!!

Be sure to stop back by my blog, you are a winner in the Hannah Belle HOP

Heather Dennis
Fresh Brewed Designs

Curt in Carmel said...

You are a cutie!!!! It is scary to put yourself out there knowing that people have imagined what you look like. It took me over a year to do it. You are darling, and your photograph is stunning. You are very talented! Best, Curt

Lisa Hjulberg said...

It's great to see your face... you're lovely! And so is your photography. Wow, girl, what awesome talent you have!!! I love the beach. If you ever feel like sending a picture to me, feel free! LOL