Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a little warning....

I just got news about someone going around and leaving unpleasant comments on others blogs and they could be impersonating a friend of yours. I actually read about this today on a challenge blog I usually visit. If you click on the link it takes you to a site that looks like one you might be following but BEWARE it is not that person it is an impersonator!! So if you think you are receiving nasty comments from myself or any of your other friends please be aware that it is an impersonator!! I just wanted to give you a heads up about this and assure you that I would never EVER do this to anyone...no nasty comments allowed! :) It might be nice to let your friend know too if you happen to get a nasty gram just so they know what is going on!

Thanks for reading and I hope whoever is doing this STOPS!!! It is not nice!