Monday, November 2, 2009

Dollar Store

Where oh where does the time go?? I haven't posted since Friday!! I still don't have a card done for today but I did want to show you some stuff I picked up at the local dollar store. Can you believe they sell this for only $1? So, are there dollars stores where you live?...really curious as to those that live internationally!



Merry said...

Wow....what fun stickers. I love the purple monkey face. We have two stores in my area that people go to and that is Overflow and Crazy Clarks.

Anonymous said...

Love your Blog!

We used to have a $2 shop that was called just that... Then it change to "Dollars & Sense" (weren't making enough I suppose with $2 items teehee)

We also have a "Reject Shop" which is just a discount variety store that have cheap craft items, as well as Crazy Clarks/Go-Lo as Mery said which are all basically the same.