Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Glue Review

This is the UHU twisted up which creates a bigger and flatter surface.

This is the UHU not twisted which gives you a smaller more precise application tip.

And from left to right we have the UHU glue dot roller, K&Company glue runner and Scotch glue runner.

First of all according to the new FTC guidelines I must state that I was sent both UHU products for free in exchange for my honest feedback. Here is the website.

Now for my review...
I am out of the Scotch glue runner which I purchased at Wal-Mart for about $5 give or take. This was my first experience using a glue runner and thought it was just okay. Then while shopping at Hobby Lobby they had a big sale on adhesives so I picked up the K&Company brand for about $3...BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Now on my latest project (the last post) I used the UHU products! They worked pretty good...the twist and glue worked great for the toilet paper and didn't make it all mushy...I tried the glue runner and BIG MISTAKE! Take it from me...don't try it on TP at home! LOL! On the paper part I found the UHU dot runner to work really seemed to glide easily even on uneven surfaces unlike the Scotch brand which seemed to never work right. If I had a ever so slight uneven spot the Scotch brand would just skip glueing that part...complete pain! The one thing the UHU dot roller is missing is maybe a hint of tint to let me see where the glue is...that is what the K&Company has..they tinted it a light pink which allows me to see where I put the glue. When I looked closely in the light it seemed that some of the UHU dots were missing in certain spots (maybe I didn't hold it evenly) but it didn't affect the stickiness at all....worked just fine! I tried to use the widest part of the UHU twisted glue (when you twist it up) but it seemed a tad bit runny. Just a little messy for my liking. I have never used a glue like this so that is a new one for me and I don't have anything to compare it to but overall I think it would work just fine. I especially like the option of being able to use a fine tip or a braod tip.

So within all this babble I came up with these pros and cons....

UHU dot glue runner
Pros: Glides evenly, able to use on uneven surfaces, holds tight
Cons: Sometimes misses some dots (although not enough to even worry about) and is not tinted

UHU twist and glue
Pros: Versatile fine and broad tip, doesn't wrinkle paper, good bond (hey I even tested on toilet paper and that stuff is hard to work with but this did great!)
Cons: A bit runny

K&Company glue runner
Pros: Glides evenly, able to use on uneven surfaces, holds tight, tinted
Cons: None that I can think far my favorite glue runner

Scotch glue runner
Pros: Available at your local Wal-Mart, holds tight
Cons: Does not work on uneven surfaces and is not tinted, tougher to roll...compared to the other two just very poor quality in general. I probably wasted a bunch just trying to get it to work half the time!

Well, that is all for today. I hope you enjoyed my glue review! This was actually my first review ever so if you liked it let me know and if I could of done something differently to make it better I would like to know that also.

Thanks for stopping by!

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