Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation 2 - Part 3 (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania)

Figured I would try and cram the rest of the trip into one post so I can get back to showing you some crafting projects! It is sooooo hard picking out pictures to share with you guys because I have TONS of them!! Guess I get a little carried away at times with the camera! LOL!

I forgot to share with you some pictures on the last vacation post about a place called Maymont which is in Virginia. The outdoor areas including all the gardens and animals are free to visit and it is really beautiful!

We also went on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge that goes under water....pretty cool but it is so massive you can't really get a picture of it. I'm sure you could do a search online and find all kinds of pictures but they are usually only part of the I said it is HUGE!!

Then we headed along the Eastern Shore Drive which wasn't all that interesting until you get to the very Northern part near Chincoteague. That area is super pretty (we visited the state park with beaches and nature trails) and it seems like a neat little town with shops and stuff although we didn't stop at any of them other than a few food places.

We only saw a little area in Maryland ... it was about 10 minutes away from where we were staying the night and it had a fantastic restaurant! We liked it so much we went back twice which is rare for me to do on vacation because I like to try out all new places! But the prices were reasonable and the food was amazing! The restaurant is called The Upper Deck Restaurant and Lounge located in Pocomoke, Maryland.

This is some blackened Ahi good and spicy (yes, I'm learning to eat spicy foods a little bit at a time!)

Literally THE BEST cornbread I have ever had in my life! It was super sweet and dense unlike the dry and crumbly cornbread we have where I am from. She said it was similar to spoonbread. The olive tapenade with the french baguette was good too and I don't usually eat olives!

Next stop is Cape Henlopen, Delaware where we stayed at a state park and spent the entire time either on the beach or visiting the WWII area.

Before checking into the park we stopped at this restaurant called Surf Bagel for lunch. The bagels are made fresh daily! I wish we had more places like that around home!

I had chicken salad with cheese and pineapple on a cinnamon, cranberry, nut bagel! Extremely tasty and filling!!

We ran into an albino looking deer while driving back to our camp site. This was my first time seeing a white deer and I thought it was so unique!

They had several guns next to the military buildings to take a peek at and you could also visit a few bunker sites.

Here is a watch tower that was used during WWII and you can still go all the way up it which was cool!

Our very last stop was Mt. Washington, Pennsylvania which is just across the river from Pittsburgh.

We rode the Duquesne incline up to the top of Mt. Washington and walked around until we got to the other inlcine (there are only two you can ride up).

This is a view of Pittsburgh at the top where the 3 different rivers come together (the Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio) and it also shows the old cars we rode in which are from the 1800's!

Near the other incline we found a neat area to walk around with some restaurants. We stopped at a hotdog and beer place called Packs and Dogs.

They have a HUGE variety of cold beers and we enjoyed a few of them along with this hot dog called the Bloodhound which had bbq sauce, onions, cheese and bacon! It tasted wonderful but I only had a few bites because I have texture issues with that sort of meat so hubby was happy to finish the rest for me! :)

Okay, that pretty much wraps my vacations all up! I tried to pick the highlights of each place and give a few restaurant recommendations just in case your ever in the area. Next up will be something crafty!! :)

- Stacie


Dawn's Craft Place said...

Oh my goodness you were in my old stomping grounds...made me cry to see and hear about the area. You could have stopped and visited my If you went to the outlets you might have seen them
Thanks for the memories and wonderful pictures, love seeing the area.
Hugs to you

Annmaree (Emu) said...

WHOA Gorgeous photos what beautiful scenery and wildlife, could just look at them all, all day... while eating all that tasty food! :-p !

Merry said...

More terrific photos and interesting info....thanks Stacie. That bear looked a bit too close for comfort.

Becky B. said...

Terrific photos...looks like you had a wonderful time and had some super tasty dishes! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! :)

Nicecrane Designs said...

Stunning photos, i really love the birdge it rmemeber me the classic japànese ones,,,,so vintage, ,so strong, horayyyyy thanks for sharing it.