Monday, June 25, 2012

Vacation 2 - Part 2 (Virginia)

Yes it is taking a long time to sort these photos...still more to come too!

This part of our vacation was to Virginia. Our first stop was here at the Natural Bridge. It is 20 stories tall and the area was surveyed by George Washington (he actually carved his initials in the stone!).

We bought a combo ticket which included a walking tour of the cave. The next two pictures show some formations I thought looked neat!

The ticket also included a butterfly garden. This was by far my favorite picture of a butterfly...such detail!

There weren't very many restaurants in the area so we decided to give this restaurant a try called "Fancy Hill Korean Diner"....OH MY is AMAZING!! Wish we were in that area for more than a day because I could of eaten it again! The three little dishes are different varieties of kimchi...our fav was the sweet radish one on the left!

We also got miso soup included with our meal. This was my first time trying this soup and I really enjoyed it!

Next up was a quick stop at a place called "Foamhenge". Yep, you read that is a mock up of the real "Stonehenge"! LOL! My husband thought I was crazy for wanting to see this!

Doesn't it look cool?! I thought it was neat ... and hey it was free so who cares! :P

The next day was filled up with a food tour of Williamsburg. We did the tour that also included some history of the area including the College of William and Mary. Thought I would share just a couple of the foods we enjoyed...everything was very tasty!

Hot Holly from the College Delly.

Mac N' Cheese from the Blue Talon.

Ribs, slaw and baked beans from Seasons.

The gorgeous view at Virginia Beach!

Loved this HUGE Neptune statue!

They had these signs posted along the streets! I actually thought they were a joke but nope...they are very serious about no cursing!! LOL!

The best sweet potato pecan pancake ever at Doc Taylor's!! So good it doesn't even need syrup!


Annmaree (Emu) said...

oooh it all looks fabulous Stacie!!

Love the cave formations and the gorgeous Butterfly!

Foamhenge is awesome, I think its hilarious!!!

Love the beach and Neptune too, along with all the yummy foods ;-)

Michelle H. said...

The food looks so yummy!!
Love Williamsburgh we want to take dd there one day!!
Love all the pictures!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

Really enjoyed this ....thanks so much for sharing (-:

Merry said...

A food I will have to look into this for any holidays we have in the future. What a brilliant idea. Love the idea of Foamhenge too. I wonder if anyone actually pays attention to the signs? If they work I think they should place them near all school zones.

Becky B. said...

"Foamhenge" - that's hysterical!! :)