Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Potato Hummus

First off I need to state that I am completely ADDICTED to hummus! My fav was Sabra brand spinach artichoke hummus...Mmmmmmm! When it is in the house I pretty much eat it everyday! After getting my new high powered blender I thought about making my own...that away I know exactly what is in my food, how fresh it was, and could customize it however I liked. Let's just say I was not disappointed...I have tried chickpeas (garbanzo beans), black beans and now sweet potato! This one is by far the most work but it also tastes and looks more "upscale". You could make a more basic one although this particular recipe really adds a nice zing! I wasn't sure about the ingredient combination but I'm so glad I tried it....this is now my FAVORITE hummus!!! And it is healthy for you to boot! I love eating hummus with Stacy's "naked" pita chips...they are THE BEST!! I'm going to try making my own in the future so we will see how that goes!

Click HERE for this gourmet hummus recipe!

Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

oooh this looks awesome!!!

I've heard cannelloni bean mash is good too! But have yet to try it, might be up your alley!?

Michelle H. said...

This look so yummy!!
I did not realize you could make hummus w/o the garbonzo beans? I like hummus to but the garbonzo beans upset my stomach and so now i will have to try one of these recipes! I love anything with pumpkin!!

Becky B. said...

MMM-MMM-MMM-MMM-MMM!! Wish I had some of that right now to snack on!!! :)