Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fancy Fish Sticks!

This does take a little bit of work but the end result is AMAZING! The first time I made these I used halibut (pictured) and the second time I used cod. The halibut stayed together much better when flippping halfway through cooking but they both tasted yummy! Oh and if you have real horseradish (not the prepared blend which is creamy but the actual raw horseradish) to make your own cocktail sauce it tastes even better! Click HERE for the recipe!

Enjoy! :)


Michelle H. said...

They look so yummy!!
I agree the homemade sauce with horseradish is the best!!
Have a blessed day!!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Oh yum, haven't had fish sticks so a long time
What a yummy meal and WE love horseradish - the real stuff..lol

Anonymous said...

OH those look good!

I wonder if it would be something to be able to do with canned salmon? hmmm got my brain ticking over here girl!!!! Guess I'd have to form a patty and them coat them!

cool! Thanks for sharing!

Lorraine said...

these look fab huni your making me hungry for fish stick sandwiches yum xx

Annette Bowes said...

My DH would love these Stacie, thanks for the recipe, hope you are both well, have a wonderful weekend, take careX:)

Becky B. said...

MMMMM - looks yummy!!! :)