Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Shower Gift Ideas???? Please help!

I have a baby shower to attend next weekend for hubby's cousin. I have no clue what to make for her....she is very creative and artsy so I want to make something special. She also likes vintage. Does anyone have any cute ideas for baby shower gifts? Oh and she does not know the gender of the baby so I can't go all boy or girl for a theme!

I appreciate any ideas you can give me!


THERESA said...

Don't know if you have seen the Daiper Cake for a baby shower here in blogland, it is super stunning, if not, just form a round circle with daipers, tie with some ribbon, ballance another layer on top of that and then another one, everyone smaller than previous one, tie with ribbon can even place some bottles or the likes in the middle for a balance and embellie as you wish, enjoy...........:))
lotsa luv

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

I am obsessed with napking art at the moment, and it looks amazing if you choose a napkin with pics on it with a white background, and animals on it (say kiddies party napkin) and just paste some pva where they are gonna go on a canvas, and then give them a coat over the top., You can then add letters (i.e. "Baby" or "Sleep" or cheeky monkey etc., or some ribbon or buttons held on by a glue gun these can look amazing bespoke pics. I get my canvas' from The works at a couple of pounds and they do a lovely cirle one. You can even paint the canvas if you want it a nice colour x

Jamie said...

what about a mini album? you could make one that is for the babys first days or even one that she can just put photos from the shower in.. like a shower album and you can have a few pages for all the guests to sign/ write a message to the baby or mom in.. I just had my baby shower on Sat and did something kinda cute like that.. i did a memory tree.. and had a tree branch with paper leaves on it.. and people wrote a message to the baby on the leaves and im putting them in the babys scrapbook.. i think a whole album would be cute thow. I also so wanted to do a thing where each person at the shower made a baby scrapbook page and then I was gonna put them all in an album together of just pages ppl at the shower made but didnt have enough time to set it all up.. good luck and have fun :D

Dawnll said...

I am obsessed with the cake slices- use baby items to decorate, use vintage scraps or trims also-could even add gift certificate inside or out.
I also think a vintage paper doll card kind of like the one I did around valentines day this year, so many cute vintage images available free or through on-line digital loads.
Good luck

cgl1539 said...
Did you see this tutorial? Gorgeous stack of boxes, easy to make, you could use goreous papers themed for baby. Then fill the boxes with stuff babies need. Plus after she uses the stuff she has these great boxes as decorations or to even hold stuff like first tooth, lock of hair, etc.

Merry said...

I was thinking the nappy cake too. I have never done one but always admired them.

Anonymous said...

If you had the time I would suggest maybe a mini album so they can fill in the photos at a latter date, but since its such short notice I am guessing that won't work.

But yeah other than that I can't think, maybe a candle? or if you can sew something?

Michelle H. said...

Look into mod podge and look at some of the wall art picture frames!
Find out if she has a theme for the design of the baby room like teddy bears, animlas, winni the Pooh ect and you could create a frame picture for her to hand on the wall.
I think mod podge has some ideas.
Another place think to try is two peas in a bucket and type in the gallery baby frames ect.
If you dont want to do a wall picture frames then maybe just decorate a frame where she can add aphot to it.
Maybe find out if she has a color theme and paint or add that color to the frame backgroud and then add some baby sticker, die cuts ect to decorate it. Then she can add the frame to a table with her baby picture!
I was thinking of projects that may not take you that long to create!!