Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Persimmon Drop Cookies!

If anyone has frozen persimmon pulp in their freezer like I do give these cookies a try...you won't be disappointed!!

Click HERE for the recipe!

My version: NO NUTMEG and more cinnamon! As for the raisins or chocolate....of course I did chocolate but I used the white and I think that was a good choice!

IF you don't have persimmon my guess is you could try with pumpkin and it would probably work too...anyone ever tried that as a substitute before?

I'm off to IKEA!


Anonymous said...

oooh sounds yummmm!!!

Merry said...

Have fun at IKEA... :-) I have never had persimmon before.....off to check out what it looks like.

Michelle H. said...

I love Ikea!! Can't wait to hear what you buy!!
Those cookies look so yummy!!
IKWYM about the Prima picture!! I wasnt interested in all the paper!! I would have wanted more flowers!!
Hope you had fun shopping!!

Curt in Carmel said...

The cookies look wonderful, but that plate they are on are gorgeous! That could be used as an inspiration photo for a card! LOL Always thinking about cards. . . We have a local store chain here called "O'Malia's" They carry frozen persimmon pulp! Can you believe it? Best, Curt

Becky B. said...

Looks yummy! I'm so jealous...we don't have an IKEA store near here, although that might be a good thing for my bank account - ha! ha! ha!

Michelle H. said...

How funny you wanted the paper and I wanted the flowers!! LOL!
How excitng that you almost have the mesarsurments doen and workign on the final plans!! You will have to show us some pictures of your Ikea buys once they are in the house and ready!!