Monday, April 11, 2011

List of Fours

Christi from Christi's Creations has tagged me to play along and after I am done I will be passing this on to 4 other people!

4 Shows you watch:
1. Pawn Stars
2. American Pickers
3. Secret Life of an American Teenager (completely dumb to watch at my age but I'm addicted)! LOL!
4. Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Cleveland Show
....and yes ALL of these shows get put on DVR!

4 Things you are passionate about:
1. Food
2. Food
3. Food
4. Food
* Ask anyone that knows me....I AM VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT FOOD!!!!*

4 Words/phrases you say a lot:
1. I don't know
2. Maybe
3. Let me ponder on that
4. Whatever

4 Things you've learned about the past:
1. Keep your fingers out of the way when loading a clip into a handgun
2. Never trust someone that trys to hit on you at the doctors office
3. Carry a roll of toilet paper in your vehicle
4. Don't ever try and feed a wild deer out of your hand

4 Places you would like to go:
1. Back to Italy
2. Australia
3. Africa
4. Any of the states I haven't already visited

4 Things you did yesterday:
1. crafted
2. cooked
3. cleaned
4. computer (was trying to make them all C's!) LOL!

4 Things you are looking forward to:
1. Getting our house DONE!
2. Mother's Day weekend (spending a girls weekend with my mom and sister)!
3. Summer Break from school!
4. Hopefully a getaway with hubby!

4 Things you love about spring:
1. Temperature
2. Flowers
3. Planting a garden
4. Baby animals

Tag 4 people to play along:
1. Becky
2. Michelle
3. Annmaree
4. Merry


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed this!

Just posted mine, hehehe

Merry said...

What a fun list of information Stacie. Great to get know a little more about you. This will be fun to post. I am sort of lacking in card mojo at the moment.