Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mushroom Lasagna

Recipe is from the Taste of Home cookbook
Click HERE to view the recipe.

Mine doesn't look as pretty as the cookbook picture but it sure tasted good!
I am not a huge fan of ground beef so I am always looking for more veggie lasagnas and I pretty much toss mushrooms into everything I eat so this fit the bill perfect for my tastes. Both my parents and my hubby said they would be happy if I made it again! :)



Becky B. said...

Yummmmm!!! I love mushrooms too...if you haven't tried Olive Garden's portobello mushroom ravioli, you've gotta have it - so delish!!

Merry said...

Uh oh...the pictures are not showing. Sounds yummy though Stacie. I really like mince but hubby doesn't. :-(

Anonymous said...

AHH why isnt the pictures coming up *cry*

Sounds awesome!!!

lasagna recipe said...

On the contrary, my family is a certified meat eater! And we've always loved beef lasagna with mushroom. I think beef and mushroom makes a great fusion of flavor or may be it's just us, lol!

Michelle H. said...

This recipe sounds so yummy and looks so good!
Dd would love the snow!!
She loves the beach too!
She will see the snow in April!
Finally heard about the order should be mailed out in a day or two!
She sent me a message at the wrong FB and dh didnt see it until today!
Sorry about the delay!!