Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogger Troubles!!

So I get up this morning and my blogroll is completely GONE!!! I have never had this happen before. I have tried restarting/refreshing and nothing is working. Any ideas on a fix?? What a grumpy way to start my morning.....harumph!

Oh and today is the last day to enter my new store candy!! Not many people have entered so your chances of winning are REALLY good!!!
* Please double check that you have followed the rules....I have clicked on a few random names and they are not eligible ... sorry but I must be fair! *



Larisa said...

sometime this is happening with Internet - the provider does not work as well and the bloggers have a problem with their blogs. Nobody can help even. Maybe next day all will be working as well. All of us had the same for many times here ((9
hugs. Laria. xxx

Dawn said...

Sounds like the gremlins came to your blog- I lost so many things also and then days later it came back. I was using fire fox so I logged out and used IE for a couple hours and it was actually when it came back, then I switched to fire fox again.
The stuff coming back days later was weird.
Good luck sweetie

Merry said...

You should be back to normal now. My blog roll photos went huge but all looks normal this morning.