Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun times last week....

Just a few pictures I wanted to share with you from last week. It was a very busy week indeed after cleaning/reorganizing my craftroom I had two of our nephews over for a few days (ages 2 and 3). We had so much fun going to 3 different parks, playing with water guns, coloring, doing puzzles, making kool-aid ice cubes, having picnics, going to the fair, etc.!! This is what happens when you have too much fun in 90 degree weather....all the boys (2 nephews and my hubby) passed out on the couch! LMAO!! I just had to snap a picture!! Oh and the stories I could tell of the funny stuff they said or did....I bet all of you that have kids know what I'm talking about right??!! Kids are just great!!

And here is one of my other nephews...the one that just graduated highschool this year! His grad party was this past weekend so lots of family and friends were there but I just wanted to share one picture of him and a few of his friends playing Rock Band. He is the one at the microphone. You know it is serious when you have to put a headband on! LOL! It was so stinkin' hot that day and we were all roasting and sweating like pigs....but all in all I think everyone had a good time! And yes, I got crazy on Rock Band also...I played the guitar! It is addicting until yours eyes start to hurt!

Okay, next post will have some crafting or crafty goodies involved...I PROMISE!!!


Merry said...

Wow...it sounds like you had a full few days with your nephews and that wonderful photo of the boys just proves it. I was thinking that the singing must be serious with the headband on. Everyone is full of concentration.

Anonymous said...

awwww so cute, and what fun times... those moment should be scrapped!!!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures of all of them on the couch!!So adorable!!
Glad you had a great time with them!!
Have a blessed day!!

Stephanie said...

OMG I have to say that first photo is adorable! How funny too, it's amazing how energetic little people can be LOL xxx

Courtney Baker said...

Super cute pictures!