Monday, March 22, 2010

RAK and purchase

Just a note that I revised yesterdays post and added that the winner needs to contact me by this Friday!!

This is a RAK I won from Michelle at I Luv Scrapping. Lots of fun goodies...THANKS!!

And this little fantastic crafting tool flew all the way back home with me from my trip to Florida! LOL! I have tried for a month to get one of these Martha Stewart Score Boards back home and I even called Michaels BEFORE I drove an hour to the store the weekend before my trip and the lady said they finally got them in and there were plenty of them. So like an idiot I believed her and when I got there guess what??? Yep, all gone!! GRRR!!! So I questioned a lady and she said yeah we sold all three of them. THREE!? What happened to plenty?? Clearly my definition of plenty isn't three! For cryin' out loud this is a hot item!!! LOL!
So I contacted my mom and asked her if we could stop by the local Michaels once we flew into Jacksonville, Florida. And there is where they really had PLENTY of them to pass around (must not be such a hot item in that area?) and I was lucky enough to take along a 50 percent off coupon so I got this little gem for only 10 dollars!! What a bargain!

Now I can't compare this to the scor-pal as this is the first scoring item I have owned but if you want a comparison I found a really cool blog review here.

Thanks for stopping by and I will be back tomorrow with a Doodle Palace sneak peek!!
This image is so adorable you don't want to miss it!



Merry said...

I came across someone commenting on these a couple of weeks ago.. They look terrific and what a bargain you got it for. Can't wait to hear and see how good it is.

Dawn said...

love the goodies!!!
I haven't seen this score board by Martha. I do have the scor pal and love it. I will have to check out the one you have.

Anonymous said...

awesome stuff hun!!!

I always wanted a scor-board, this looks great!

and congrats, glad you love michelles stuff.

Curt in Carmel said...

This was great info! Thanks for sharing. I wish I had known about the MS scoring board before I bought my Scor Pal. I just got it 3 weeks ago. I definitely see some advantages with the MS board having way more scoring lines. I'll be interested to see what you think. Best, curt

Annette Bowes said...

Hi Stacie, I am with you plenty is definately not 3!! Definately got a bargain for $10, looking forward to seeing some scoring creations lol! Take CareX:)

Nikki Schmaltz said...

What a great link. Thanks so much for posting that. I have been wanting a scor pal, but think I'll check out MS now. Especially if I can get it for 10 bucks!