Sunday, November 15, 2009

Got Trimmers?

I just saw a post over at Dannis Dreams here. She talks about all the trimmers she has and what she likes/dislikes about each. Really got me to thinking about getting a new trimmer myself. I only own one and it was a cheapie from a mail order catalog. Doesn't always cut the straightest but it does serve its purpose. I'm thinking about trying a guillotine style although I have tried ones like those at work and well I'm not sure about them. So now I'm going to ask you....what type of trimmer do you use and what are the pros and cons??
And Danni...if your reading this I already know which one you love!! :)



Merry said...

I use my knife and metal ruler. I have a cheapie trimmer as well which I dig out from time to time. Should be interesting seeing replies here.

Danni said...

Hehehe... hope you find what kind you like! :-)