Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday Stash!

My birthday is in 3 days and as I posted earlier my hubby took me shopping and I got LOADS of goodies! I feel like the luckiest woman alive! I'm sure it was not loads of fun for him while watching me choose between styles and colors of various items. I'm sure he was thinking...would you pick something out already!!! Several hours and stores later the picture above is what I ended up getting, a few items are not shown in the picture but you get the idea!
I did however get a little payback yesterday on making him shop for so long...we spent the majority of the day shopping for supplies/tools for our newest project...BUILDING A HOUSE!!! I was not thrilled to do this BUT I tried not to complain because he was so patient at letting me shop...I'm sure we have all been there! LOL! More info on the property/house later. For now I must go make a birthday card!


Merry said...

Happy Birthday for in three days time....what a great stash.

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday!! Oooooh lots of lovely goodies there... they will keep you busy for a while when you are not building!. The spot you have chosen for the new house looks gorgeous... all those lovely green trees... beautiful.
Love n hugs
Vikki xx