Monday, August 17, 2009


I doubt anyone is following my blog but myself but I wanted to apologize for hardly having any projects posted. I have been spending my time researching some new ideas and collecting supplies and in the meantime I have just posted about winning candy. Although I have yet to figure out how to post those on my sidebar! Need training!
Anyways, I now have some knowledge and some tools under my belt thanks to my DH for taking me birthday shopping! I will post a picture of my goodies later! I was so excited I could hardly sleep! :)

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Merry said...

Hi there Craft_princess. I like your bright and cheery blog page.

To add candy to the on the 'Customize' tab in the top toolbar, then click on 'Add a Gadget', then click on 'Picture' which should be abour five down the list. Then fill the boxes. Be sure to save a photo of the candy to your computer first and copy the appropriate blogs URL to add for a link. When it is all filled in and you view your blog it will be over in your sidebar. Good luck.