Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grilled Polenta With White Beans and Tomato

A great meatless dish and I added greens and mushrooms to up the health factor even more!
* I could not find flavored polenta in a tube so I just bought the plain stuff and sprinkled seasoning on the slices *

Click HERE for the recipe!

Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

very tasty and colourful, nom nom nom!!!

Becky B. said...

I've never had polenta before, but I've heard it's really good. I don't mind "meatless meals", but hubby has to have meat at every meal...such a carnivore - LOL!

Merry said...

Mmmmmm, I think I would like this but the rest of the family would be screaming for meat. The polenta looks nice too....something else I have yet to try. Oh, and I am busy trying to catch up too on blogs...seems to be how I do it lately.

Michelle H. said...

This looks very yummy!!
This is perfect I love this stuff havent had it in forever I will need to find some!!
Thanks for the reminder and the amazing recipe!!