Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blueberry Drop Scones

These scones ended up spreading out more like cookies than a drop biscuit/scone but they still tasted darn good for less than 100 calories a piece! Click HERE for the recipe!

Enjoy! :)


Michelle H. said...

WOW!! They look so yummy!!
I can't remember if you go blueberry picking?
When we vist my sister every other year in Indiana we go and love to do this it is so fun! I need to check to see if anyone in Texas grows them so we can go!
Last year when we went we were to early so the blueberries were not ready. We were bummed.
Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...


They look good! can image how nice they'd taste warm out of the oven with some milk!

Annette Bowes said...

Yummy, doesn't matter about the spreading like the less than 100 calories lol! Your Cranberry Orange Scone Bread looks so fluffy and light. Beautiful Easter Baskets, hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend and are well, take careX:)

Cor* said...

These look delicious!!! Thanks for the recipe!

Becky B. said...

Less than 100 calories each?? AWESOME - count me in!! :)

By the way...check out my blog...I have an award for you there! :)

Tammy said...

Looks yummy!

AnickH said...

my scones do that sometimes. even if i use a recipe that didn't spread, i'll use that same recipe again and then sometimes it WILL spread. sometimes i think when we bake, if our measurements are even just a tiny touch off, funky things can happen. like maybe i needed just 2 more Tablespoons of flour or maybe a tablespoon less buttermilk. but whatever the issue might be, its so frustrating!!!