Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fairy Bread

Some time ago an Aussie friend was telling me about this popular kiddie treat over there called Fairy Bread. I had never tried it before and thought it sounded kind of interesting. Finally the other day I had a craving to try it out! It was pretty good but I also think I would like to try a few other suggestions given by others (those that commented on the recipe in the link below). Like toasting the bread or using peanut butter, etc. But then maybe it wouldn't be considered true Fairy Bread with other ingredients?? What do my friends from Oz think about that? Are there other ways to make true Fairy Bread or is this the only way?

Click HERE for the recipe!



Dawn's Craft Place said...

Fairy bread? You knew i would be here!
Sounds yummy and I have never heard of it before

Merry said...

Sorry Stacie but I think Fairy Bread is as you posted above. The only thing I would change to the piece above is cutting the crusts off and a few more sprinkles. It's always a good party food for younger kids.

Michelle H. said...

How fun and it looks yummy!!
I know dd would like this!!
We made brownies on Monday and she added some icing and sprinkles to it!!
Toasting it first sounds better to me too!!

Heather said...

That is very interesting! I wonder how my kiddos would like it?!? I always wondered what fairy bread was but never thought to look it up (der!) thanks for sharing!!!

Annette Bowes said...

He He Stacie, the first party Morgan went to they had Fairy Bread, I had never heard of it, it seems some of his friends at the time either had fairy bread or vegimite. We still prefer our jam sandwiches lol! Hope you are well, take careX:)

Annmaree (Emu) said...

oh hun you need MORE SPRINKLES!!! LOL

Literally tip out all your sprinkles on a plate and drop your bread in butter side down and voila! hehehehe

Stephanie said...

I'm on a diet at the moment so visiting your gorgeous blog was not a great idea Stacie LOL Hope you're having a great weekend :) xxx

Susan Hogan said...

Annette, there is nothing wrong with fairy bread or bread and vegemite, but don't mix the two! Although I do like jam sannies too! Especially raspberry jam ones (or blackberry, or strawberry, or even apricot!) Stacie, fairy bread is just bread, butter and sprinkles. Sorry, nothing more exotic! As Merry says, you can cut off the crusts and make the butter thicker, but white bread is best and definitely NOT toasted or with peanut butter - yuck! The other thing about fairy bread? It is usually only eaten by very young children and young men, usually the fathers of said children, at birthday parties.