Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet Potato Pancakes!

Happy Fat Tuesday!! Some of you might also call it Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. I have always known it as Fat Tuesday and I used to make shrimp po' boys but now I like to make pancakes on this special day! This year instead of plain pancakes I decided to try a new recipe. And although they didn't taste like the ones I have gotten at restaurants I thought they were pretty good.

Click HERE for the recipe!



Dawn's Craft Place said...

Oh yum! I love sweet potato and pancakes.
Thanks for sharing

Michelle H. said...

OMG!! I need to try this!!
I love anything with sweet potatoes!!
Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!!

Anonymous said...

never heard of these, sounds interesting!

Becky B. said...

MMMMM - I haven't had potato pancakes in AGES!! (You're making my mouth water - LOL!)

By the way...I tagged you in a post...here's the link to check it out:


Merry said...

Hmmm...they sound interesting. Would never have thought to use any sort of potato to create pancakes.