Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tomato Freezer Jam!

Do you have a bunch of tomatoes in your garden? Try making some tomato jam and you do not have to "can" these you can simply put them in the freezer! :) I made two kinds...one with yellow pear tomatoes and the other with candy cherry isis. Delish! This stuff tastes great on biscuits, rolls, etc. but I also found out it is wonderful on pork!!

Tomato Jam in A Flash

This recipe makes 4 or 5 pints of yellow tomato jam which can be processed in glass jars or frozen and kept for several months in the freezer. Red tomato jam is also good, but yellow tomatoes are less acidic and offer a different flavor.


•2 - 3 Pounds of yellow tomatoes
•1 Whole lemon, washed and sliced thin
•1 Tbsp white vinegar
•2 tsp ginger
•1 stick of stick cinnamon
•4 Cups granulated sugar
•1 Cup spring water


•Wash the yellow tomatoes, but do not peel.
•In a large saucepan, place all ingredients together over medium high heat.
•Bring the pan to the boil and reduce heat to medium low.
•Simmer the jam for 2 hours, or until thickened.
•Remove pan from heat and take out the cinnamon stick and discard.
•Pour into canning or jelly jars and seal with lids and rings.
•Process the jars in a hot water bath for 20 minutes OR put them in the freezer!

You can also click HERE for the recipe!



Merry said...

Mmmmmmm...that certainly looks nice.

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

Thanks Stacie x this is so helpful my hubby has just started making Jam, I have printed it out for him! x thanks x Leigh x

Anonymous said...

mmm they look and sound good!!!

So professional, you need a stall for this stuff girl!

Sue W said...

Ooh yum this looks so good I've pinned it to Pintrest ready for some summer preserves!

Payne Holler Cards said...

no canning!!! I'm in...printed and trying this (-:


I use to can a lot, but not anymore, but I have never heard of this before, hmmm, sounds good though :O)

Michelle H. said...

WOW!! Amazing recipe!!
Love this!!
How is it not canning when you still have to boil and add to a jar with out the seals?
Sorry I just don't know?
How do you tell when a yellow tomaote is ripe? Is is the same as the red by touch?

Olga said...

you don't need to can them????? Girl, you just full of surprises.....and this looks so yummy!!!

МД в картинках said...

Tomato Jam?! =) I should definitely try it.

Becky B. said...

Interesting...I may have to try this next year when we have tomatoes coming out of our ears again!! :)

Curt in Carmel said...

You always come up with the tastiest looking stuff. I've never canned a thing in my life. I would probably end up poisoning myself and everyone else who ate it! LOL Hope you are well. Best, Curt

Larisa said...

mmm, it looks yummi!)) Love the jams a lot!

Michelle H. said...

This is amazing that you can make this w/o goggn through the entire canning process!
Looks so yummmy!!
I will have to try this soon!

Michelle H. said...

Hi, Stacie!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Mallika said...

wow .. this is very nice .. we store our pickles (achar) in these .
My mother is very good at processing pickles .