Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Japanese Cucumber Salad

I LOVE getting fresh produce from my garden but when you get one you get a TON! LOL! So I'm always looking up new recipes on how to use up some of my produce and this week I found a new recipe for cucumbers. This is a Japanese Cucumber Salad and you can view the recipe by clicking HERE!



Annmaree (Emu) said...

OH I love cucumbers, so great in Summer cooling and refreshing in your mouth, sounds great!

Hey maybe you can make your own pickles or relish with them?

Michelle H. said...

OMG!! Love this recipe!! I will have to try soon We love to eat a lot of these!!
In referance to Annmaree comments my mom use to make a relish that was so good but that was yeara go so don't know where she got it from?!
I think it was a meat relish not like the hot dog relish?
Great idea, Annmaree!

Merry said...

Mmmm....I will be giving this one a try Stacie....I have cucumbers coming out of my ears. :-) I also love sesame seeds.. Thanks for sharing.

Curt in Carmel said...

This sounds like it would be delicious! Perfect summer salad. Hope you are well! Best, Curt

Becky B. said...

What a terrific cool summer salad - thanks for sharing the recipe link! I've been getting quite a few cucumbers from my garden too, so I'll be posting a "creamy cucumber salad" recipe on my blog in the next week or two.

Halle said...

That looks yummy!!