Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Family Scrap Pages

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I wanted to thank all of you that sent me well wishes on my foot....I seem to be healing very quickly!

Some of you have asked how the booth sale went...I am sad to report neither of us sold very much. There were not very many shoppers. They said this is the slowest it has ever been and I do think the raising gas prices, the state of the economy and our weather has alot to do with it! But, even though my mom and I didn't get rich we still learned a bit about how these sales work and gained some experience!

Today I have a few more scrap pages to show you. This is still a continuation of the scrapbook I gave to my nephew in February. I feel odd blurring all the faces because I do not have their permission to post on the internet...kind of creepy looking if you ask me! LOL! These family members are on my brother in-laws side of the family. I only have about 5 more pages to share so hopefully I can get that done this week!

*On the bottom right of each page I stamped "Family" but it is very hard to see*


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the stall didn't go too well! Its a shame.

I love your scrappages!

Michelle H. said...

Beautiful Lo's!!
Love the hearts & the stars!
Sorry about the booth sales! Im sure the gas prices had a lot to do with it!!
Glad your foot is healing so well!

Merry said...

Wonderful family photos Stacie.