Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tasty Tuesday and Guessing Game!

First off I have these decadent chocolate chip cookie brownie bars!! Can that dessert get any better? Maybe by adding a tall glass of milk!! Now I have gone out and bought the actual one box mix for this recipe and it makes an 8x8 pan BUT I found another way to make it in a 9x13 pan using two mixes....PLUS....here is the really good part....I was able to make it MUCH lower in fat by using applesauce instead of oil, light butter and eggbeaters! I took them to a basketball party and NOBODY knew they were lower in calories and fat...not even all those men!! :) I didn't add the chocolate frosting as they are rich enough as is and I'm not a huge fan of frosting anyways.

Click HERE for the recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker!


Now for the fun part.....a nice little guessing game for my followers! You all know I just love trying to trick you! HEHE! Leave a comment with your best guess as to what I have been eating in the picture below! I will draw a name for a small RAK from my stash next Monday and announce the winner on Tuesday.

I am going on a backpacking adventure the next couple of days but will try to catch up on comments this weekend!



Anonymous said...

oooooooh those Brownies look to die for!!! YUM!
Gotta love Betty Crocker, I admit I bought some of her mixes today as they were half price!

As for the second, hmm you really have me stumped! Are they some sort of dumpling or meatball, or maybe even a fritter or stuffing? I am so intrigued! I'm sure as soon as you tell us we will be like OH YEAH! hehehe Have a great trip chicky!

Dawnll said...

Looks like breaded and fried broccoli ...lol
I know it is something breaded and fried

I will take a pan of brownies please...yum yum

Michelle H. said...

The cookie brownies look so good!!
How cool you found a way to make a larger batch! I love to use applesauce once in awhile too!
You really cant tell the differance!!
WTG to fool the men!! LOL!
My guess is fried mushrooms?
Have a fun trip!!

Cor* said...

I'm with Dawn......breaded brocolle & deep fried? DEEP FRIED? U didnt' deep fry the egg rolls, so you sure as heck better not have deep fried these little pieces of veggie! Have a great trip backpacking. I'll be waiting by the post for the brownies to arrive! Thanks for the applesauce tip!

cgl1539 said...

Hey we have something in common, besides a sweet tooth, lol. I dont care for frostings either. My favorite cake is something my mom made for us growing up, called an inside out cake. You take chocolate cake mix, add chocolate pudding mix, and most of a bag of chocolate chips, plus rest of ingredients on box, though I trade milk for water. Bake as directed and then add leftover chocolate chips to top of cake while its hot. So so good!
My guess, fried okra, though I dont consider that a treat lol.

Curt in Carmel said...

Looks like a shrimp egg roll all broken up, and I have to say, it looks a little scary whatever it is! LOL How about giving a pan of those brownies away as the prize!!!! Best, Curt

Merry said...

I was thinking deep fried broccoli too but I see that has been guessed. So I am going for breaded, deep fried mushrooms. I am sure it is yummy what ever it is. Those top brownies look really nice. Hope you have a wonderful weekend in the outdoors.

Becky B. said...

The chocochip brownie bars look soooo yummy! As for the other dish, at first I thought maybe it was fried okra, or even fried calimari, but after zooming in and looking at it closer I think it may be fried broccoli with bits of fried cauliflower?? You're so tricky it's hard to tell - ha!!

Michelle H. said...

Stacie, hope you and your family has a very blessed and joyous Easter!!