Saturday, April 3, 2010


Well, I was going to catch up yesterday on blogland but my grand plan was foiled by blogger. I couldn't post anything after my Top 3 post nor could I leave comments on anyone elses blog! :( Blogger was NOT playing nice ...... so I'm going to do this post real quick and then I have to head out for the day. I have a few pictures on my new phone from where I was last night so once I figure out how to get them off I will post that also!

Now for the beach pictures above....notice a difference?? Yeah, we did too!!! Let's just say we are glad we only did a one day trip to Daytona Beach because it was pretty crowded and we prefer the nice calm beach where you can actually hear the ocean waves!

Thanks for stopping by...I really appreciate you leaving comments even on non-craft related posts! Makes me smile from ear to ear! :)



Courtney Baker said...

Wow so Daytona was hopping! I wish I was there!

Stephanie said...

Stacie! :) thanks for the beach photo post! love the beaches.. crowded or non-crowded...always a fun time :)! HAPPY EASTER!
With a grin,

Dawn said...

Oh the beaches, I miss going to the ocean. I live blocks from the Lake but it doesn't compare to the ocean. I agree about all the people to.
have a blessed Easter

Anonymous said...

holy mackerel at the amount of people on the 2nd, corrazy, yes I too prefer the first!

Merry said...

Wow..that 2nd beach was very busy. Mind you where we have just been would almost be a busy. Great photos.