Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Pictures!

The top picture is a table we have on our back porch (needless to say we don't have chairs out this time of year!!). This is to try and show you how much snow we have gotten and we are expected to get more tonight!!
The next two pictures are the before and after effects of my pup eating snow! LOL! That little pile on his nose is too cute and funny! :P

I will try and post more wintry pictures from my travels this morning later today.
Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

OH I LOVE these pics, Thanks for sharing!!! WOW its amazing that the table doesn't collapse under the weight of all that snow, and that last pic the most adorable thing Ive seen!! (would Look great on a scrap-page! haha)

Dawn said...

EWWWW I am so tired of this snow, we are getting the lake effect drifting now and expecting around another 6-12 I guess.
Glad you have some fun at least with the dog.Don't think I can take my Pippie (cat) out here...LOL